Laments Of The Damned

"Dance Orchestra Of Death".
From "La Grant Danse Macabre Des Hommes Et Des Femmes", printed by Nicolas le Rouge, Troyes, 1496.

These short Musings and Poems come in an effort to satisfy my psychotic tendencies and raging anger that likes to burst and attack those who defy me. I feel this will prove itself very therapudic and productive.

***Disclaimer: My poetry has adult descriptions as well as language. It talks about death, darkness & violence. If you are under the age of 18, or if these sort of topics arent your thing, please turn back and check out my other sections & pages. Thanks!***


"The Poetry Of Your Death"

"The Black Goddess"

"A Dying Laughter"

"A Room"

"An Ode To Elizabeth"


"I Guess The Fairies Never Danced For Me"


"Playing The Violin"