Count Vlad Dracula Tepes

Vlad III Dracula (also known as Vlad Ţepeş /'TSE-pesh/ in Romanian or Vlad the Impaler) (November/December, 1431 – December 1476) reigned as Prince of Wallachia 1448, 1456-1462 and 1476. He was born in Sighişoara, a small town in Transylvania. He led an independent policy in relation to the Ottoman Empire. He is known in Turkish as Kaziglu Bey, or "the Impaler Prince", and is a popular folk hero in Romania and Moldova even today. However, abroad, he is popularly associated with the title of vampire - a character of Bram Stoker's horror novel, Dracula - to the point where he is thought to be the inspiration for it. His post-mortem nickname Ţepeş (Impaler) comes from the method of execution by impalement, propagated by the medieval Transylvanian brochures

(Taken From Wikipedia: Vlad III Dracula)

Vlad Dracula's Bran Castle