The Black Goddess

Winds of change
Clouds ripping through the skies
With hosts of Demons
At flight
Rain that burns the skin
A chill that tickles the soul
My lust that knows no boundries
Leaves that ruffle as a child dances over them
Where ants march in a perfect line
One by one
And so I
Reigning in my kingdom
Where fire and air come together
Where devils sing
And Black Widows mate
The stars that tell a story
Of virgins sacrificed
Of silent histories
As leeches crawl on my skin
I will rise
From the eternal sea
That leads to the end of the rainbow
To the land that never sleeps
Where the tombs have no name
And the Banshees dwell
No life
Only decay
Out of which I come
I am the Black Goddess

(c) Michelle Koren, 2005