Path Of Light And Darkness

I follow the path of Irish Reconstructionism, which is Celtic Reconstructionism concentrating specifically on Ancient Irish Culture, History and Religion. No words can better describe Celtic Reconstructionism, than the following words taken from -

~ Reverence for the pre-Christian Celtic deities.

~ A connection with the ancestors and the land spirits. In a modern context, this means a concern for family, in its broadest sense, and a deep environmental awareness.

~ A connection with the Celtic past. We strive to be as historically (and mythologically) accurate as the state of the evidence allows. When gaps in the evidence, or the realities of modern life, make it necessary to create something new it should be:
*As consistent as possible with what we do know about the pre-Christian Celts and their legacy.
*Clearly presented as a recent innovation. We frown on attempts to advertise something modern and invented as ancient and historical in order to give it an authority (and marketability!) it does not deserve.

~ A balanced approach to understanding Celtic religion which relies on both sound scholarship AND poetic inspiration without mistaking one for the other.

~ Celtic Cosmology:
*Three Realms (Sea, Land, and Sky).
*Using the traditional Celtic Calendar (Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine, and Lughnassda).
*Using Celtic symbols, such as triskeles and spirals.
*Threes and nines as ritually important.
*The World Tree and Well as a central religious image.

~ Inclusiveness. While we have the Celtic fascination with genealogy, we do not rely on genealogy or geography to determine who is Celtic.

~ Respect for women.

~ A moral code which stresses truthfulness, honor and personal responsibility.

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