Portrait Of The Dead Countess

The Empress
Gorgeously attired and attended by her maids of honour, she is intercepted in her walk by Death in the character of a shrivelled old woman, who points to an open grave, and seems to say,"To this you must come at last."
Text from the 1947 Sylvan Press edition (from: "The Dance of Death", Hans Holbein's masterpiece of the macabre, originally published in Lyons in 1538.

I am Morr(also known amogst many simply as Michelle), your Web Mistress. This site is my little evil autonomy on the Web. If you have dared entered into my domain, I bid you welcome and good luck!

I am a 23 year old College student, majoring in European History and minoring in Classical Studies. I currently live in Tel Aviv Israel, have lived here part of my life and the other part in the USA (New Jersey and San Diego, CA). I speak/read/write Hebrew and English fluently as well as beginning to master the Latin language. Currently working on self study of the Gaelic (Irish Dialect) and Norwegian languages as well.

Yours Truely...

Amongst my various hobbies and intrests are Macabre, Gothic and Horror; Art; European History (Ancient World Through The Middle Ages); 19th Century Gothic Literature; Christian Theology and History; Anything Celtic & Irish; Music (Specifically European Metal -- Gothic, Symphonic, Doom and Black; Classical -- Beethoven, Bach and Mozart; Irish Folk Music).

I have quite a few role models and Historical figures I enjoy reading about and learning of such as:

~ Countess Elizabeth Bathory.
~ Vlad Tapes.
~ Marie Antoinette.
~ Queen Margueritte De Valois.
~ Jack The Ripper.
~ Queen Elizabeth 1st of England.
~ Queen Anne Bolyne.

I am a Pagan. Specifically on the path of Irish Reconstructionism. I worship the Irish Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses (whom I *MUST* say are quite a hoot). I adore anything and everything Celtic and Irish, from music to culture, to art and to history. Hoping one day to own a small house in rural Ireland somewhere.

This is a short summery of yours truely in a nutshell. Browsing around through my site, you will learn more of what makes me who I am, and just how bad my case of dementia really is. I do hope you enjoy! Comments are always welcome, so please feel free to leave a note in my guestbook (at the main page).

Happy Browsing!