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Here you will find some of my favourite Links. If you have a site you would like to add to the list, please drop me a line with the URL and banner (if you have one), and I will include it.

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Music Links / Pagan Links / Gothic Links / Fanlistings & Misc. Links

Music Links:


Theatre Of Tragedy

Tori Amos

Cradle Of Filth

Leaves' Eyes

Metal Mania

Pagan Links:

Kitchen Witch

Kitchen Witch (a difffernt site regarding the Kitchen Witch path.)

Candleberry Cottage

Getting Started in Kitchen Witchery

Raven & Ruby - Witch's Kitchen

Magickalpair Realm

Sacred Texts Site

Gods, Heros And Myths


Witch's Brew: For All of Mother's Children...

Pagan and Proud of it !

Gothic Links:

Morticia's Morgue

The Literary Gothic

Gothic Literature Page

Encyclopedia Gothica

Misc. Links & Fanlistings:

Live Journal