I Guess The Fairies Never Danced For Me

I guess the fairies never danced for me
Maybe they got lost on the way over here
Or maybe they fell asleep at the feet of their queen's throne
Life is funny,
Ever notice that?
Things fall out of place,
Things fall into place
They ruin you
They make you feel alive
What is life anyways?
Life is good
Life is a blessing
Life is good
Life is good
Well if life is good
Then death is bad.
Well what if life is bad
Would that make death good?
An escape?
A solution?
"Don't talk this way anymore"
She pulls the knife out of my hand
And throws it across the room.
She then wraps my wrists in nice clean white bandages.
She doesn't say a word.
Maybe its cause she's afraid of my response.
"I guess the fairies never danced for me"
I say as I watch her
As she gracefully brushes her hands
Over the dirty red bandages on my wrists.
"What the fuck are you talking about?"
She looks up at me
Her eyes pierce mine.
"I love you", I whisper
"No you don't", she yells back
I'm sick of my tears.
But I'm in love with hers.
The fairies didn't dance for me after all
But they did dance for her.
The fairies danced for her,
And took her away from me.
Or maybe it was me who pushed her away.

(c) Michelle Koren, 2005