In a deep, dark forest
There was a sweet little girl.
With a pink floral dress
And hair of gold.

She was lost in her sadness
Lost in the forest.
She needed some guidence
Somone smart and honest.

Wishing apon a star
For that dream boy to come.
She prayed and she prayed
For the task to be done.

Then one sunny day
While picking flowers
She met a young boy
Who was lost there for hours.

He promised her candy
And chocolates too
He said she'll be happy
"It's going to be me and you"

So she followed her heart
That whispered "Believe"
She has finally realized -
They were like Adam and Eve.

The days went by
Like a magical story
As a beautiful blossom
In all of its glory.

Then one day the skies
Weren't so bright
The sun was gray
And so came the night.

The darkness brought upon them
Fear and illusion
They were both so appauled --
The violence and confusion

Till one day the sun
Never came out anymore
Seeing the bruises --
She felt like a whore

So late one night
She took all her stuff
While leaving quietly
She knew it was enough.

Back in the forest
Wearing her floral dress
The young girl -- all alone in the world --
Could finally rest.

But when everything around
Is soundly sleeping
She can still hear his voice
In her mind silently creeping.

(c) Michelle Koren, 2005